Lessons Catered for You


  • Learning to cook within the confines of a new food intolerance

  • Groups of friends can learn healthy cooking habits together, then support each other later

  • Special diets or lifestyles (vegan, paleo, gluten-free, etc)

  • Or just kick-start new healthier trends in your home


  • Send me an email describing what you want to get out of the private lesson

  • I plan the menu incorporating different skills and a variety of dishes

  • We’ll review the menu to make sure it fits your goals and adjust if necessary

  • I’ll take care of the shopping, incorporating high quality and local ingredients

  • I’ll plan the event – Plan on three hours for the lesson and six hours including preparation and clean up

  • Hands-on cooking in an interactive lesson

  • Relax and enjoy your meal and leave the mess to me!


Hourly Rate: $50

Shopping Service:  $100 

Groceries: Cost


Tel: 412-417-6209 |  Email: chefgulzat@praisethecook.net


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