Personal Chef Services

Healthy, clean, delicious food to fuel your body and your soul. 



"How does a personal chef service work"?

Praise the Cook offers delicious, high quality, healthy meals using top quality ingredients at an affordable price.  

In addition to the cooking, I can also do all the shopping, selecting the best, fresh ingredients and can work within the grocery budget you set. 

I will arrive at your home with groceries and any equipment I may need.  I’ll typically be in your home for 4 to 6 hours.  Meals will be packaged and labeled in your refrigerator or freezer (only if dishes provided).  Bi-weekly service is recommended, however other options are available based on your needs.

"What is included with my service"?

No matter which meal plan you choose, you can expect:

  • Free in-home consultation before your first service

  • Menu planning 

  • On-line grocery shopping (Whole Foods)

  • Food preparation

  • Packaging and labeling of meals (If dishes are provided)

  • Kitchen clean up 


2 Entrée (Ideal for 1-2 people) - $225

Entrée (Ideal for 2-3 people) - $275

Entrée (Ideal for 4-5 people) - $350

Custom Service Varies (The best value) - $60/hour

Vegan Meals (Plant - base diet) only hourly rate - $60/hour

Prices do not include groceries.  Grocery budgets can be set within reasonable limits.  Your preferences can be discussed during consultation. In order to avoid waste, clients should have freezer safe storage containers prior to their first service.


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