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Hello friend!

I’m so glad you're here!  Here’s a little bit about my story.

In 2005, I moved to Pittsburgh, PA from my home country of Kazakhstan.  When I arrived, I hardly spoke any English.  However, thirteen years later, I’m accustomed to the English language and culture and my passion is for teaching people how they healthy, delicious meals at home, saving both time and money!

I became interested in healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle after my son’s 1 year check up when we discovered that he was anemic. The pediatrician prescribed iron drops and I was sure that would help. Unfortunately, he became constipated, and my healthy and happy baby was now unhappy and in pain. I was concerned about his health long term and started researching alternatives. I discovered that breastfed babies are usually anemic and it’s best to correct anemia through diet. I didn’t want to cook separately for my son, so I started changing our diet as well. That’s when our journey began.  Our son is 11 years old now, happy, healthy and thriving on a diet filled with all of the colors of the rainbow! 

My research paid off again in a very personal way several years later.  My husband became ill as a result of antibiotics.  He was unable to eat without digestive enzymes and lost 35 pounds.  Doctors had very little to offer and largely told him to wait it out. What he really needed was a good, clean and strict diet.  He didn’t touch sugar for months because it made him so sick. That became a blessing in disguise.

When my son started Kindergarten, I began thinking about my career.  I have always loved to cook and my pastime has been learning from celebrity chefs, via cable TV :)

For several years I had been taking cooking classes just for fun at Chop, Wok and Talk on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh.  The more classes I took, the more I wanted my career connected to cooking.  I even went to the local Mediterranean restaurant and applied for a job.

I asked my cooking instructor, “What should I do to become like you?”.  She took the opportunity to offer me the use of her studio to teach my own classes!  She said I had great knife skills and a passion for cooking.  I was so honored and excited to now share my passion with others!   

The classes began to fuel my education in cooking with wholesome, healthy ingredients.  Several years later I now work as a personal chef, always excited at new flavor pairing and the next best super food!  God has revealed to me that my gift is in helping people discover how eating healthy CAN be delicious and how the food He has given us can fuel our bodies for a better life!  I look forward to working with you in your journey to better health!

Please check back often for great new recipes, helpful hints and new classes!  

Best In Health,

Chelf Gulzat Dalton


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